Almost Finished…Miss you!

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Well, today is our last day of clinics. Tonight we are going to Playa Del Carmen and will stay there all day tomorrow. We all leave on Sunday and I will see you precious ninos on Monday!


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Check it out!

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Tuesday in Mexico

Buenas Dias ninos!

Well, today we went to treat more people in another town close to Valladolid. We saw over 130 people and gave almost all of them medicine. I was translating for the pharmacist and telling the people how to use their medicine and how often. It was a lot of fun. I also go to fill prescriptions and wear scrubs like a nurse!

I also thought I would tell you that one of the people on our team lives in Connecticut (quick what’s the capital?) with her son who is in fifth grade. She said they have also been studying the Revolutionary War and historical places in Boston.

Well, I hope you enjoy the videos today! Work hard and I will see you soon!

Yours Truly,

Senorita Minish

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Day Two in Mexico

My first day without you guys! I miss you but I know you are in good hands.

Well, where do I begin? Today was so eventful and eye opening. We went to a small village and saw lots of people who have skin problems. It was great getting to give them something that will help them.

We did run into a small problem, though. Most of the people in the village speak Mayan. You all know I don’t speak that so we had to use three people to communicate with one patient. The doctor spoke english to me,  I spoke Spanish to another interpreter, and then the other interpreter spoke Mayan to the patient. It was great!

So remember when I told you that writing doesn’t always have to be in paragraphs or letters… well, here is a list of things I need to tell you all about when I get back:



*helpful young translator

*cenote-this is an underground pond or lake type thing that we got to swim in today. Very neat! I will show you pictures later!

I am certainly learning a lot here. I’m learning about the place, culture, language, people, and myself.  So, if I had to give you a lesson I have learned today it would be this: open your eyes.  Look around you and be aware of what you have. Not only in America, not only with things you own (dirtbikes, chickens, skateboards, trophies, etc.) but with your families, your homes, your minds and health. We often overlook very important things that we are so fortunate to have. Also, look around and see how you can help others! You can start by being the best you can be! Learning, of course, and doing your part in society. Many people here with us can’t speak Spanish and really really wish they could. One day you will wish you had tried hard to be your best.

I love you all and I’m so proud of you!


Senorita Minish

P.S. New Spanish word: comezon…good luck looking that one up!

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Hola Ninos!

Well, we arrived yesterday in Cancun and took a two hour bus ride to Valladolid. The weather here is amazing!!! I love strolling along the lively streets with the gentle sun shining radiantly and the refreshing breeze tossing my hair. (Did you like my awesome adjectives and imagery there? :-))

We have been able to treat about 80 ppl so far and give them medicine for their skin problems. We have also been able to give out the bracelets that  you made and the people love them. They really appreciate someone doing something to help them! I got to give one to a fifth grade girl today…how cool!

Anyway, I miss you already! We are exhausted so I will try to write everyday but dont “bet the farm on it” (idiom).

I love you all!

Senorita Minish

P.S. Your new Spanish word is agua…do you know what that is? Don’t tell them Brenda and Arturo! 🙂

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Peru Pictures!


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Hello again clase! I’m in Peru!

I miss you and hope you boys and girls are being good and having a good day!

The plane ride was so cool-I took lots of pictures so I will show you when I get back!

 So far we have been to a big neighborhood and talked to lots of people! We  invited them to come see a movie about Jesus and there were over 100 people that came to see it! The children here are so cute and they are amazed to have even one piece of candy. We are really lucky in America!

Have a good day and work hard, I’ll write tomorrow if I can! 🙂

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